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POLEMA, a powder metallurgy plant, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of products made of chrome, molybdenum, tungsten, metal powders and composites

At the plant, powder metallurgy is based on the following technology processes: obtaining metals in the form of powders, compacting these powders into products of various shapes using hot and cold isostatic pressing techniques, hydrogen or vacuum sintering, pressure shaping (rolling, forging, and extrusion), spraying and flame plating.

Among powder metallurgy enterprises, the company holds leading positions in the international markets of electrolytic refined chrome and sprayed high-purity chrome targets, rolled products, molybdenum and tungsten products, high-current contact materials, heavy tungsten alloys. From 1982, one of the Russia’s largest metal powder manufacturing complexes with the capacity of 3,000 t per year has operated as a constituent of the enterprise.

Established in 1961, Polema was acquired by Managing Company «Industrial Metallurgical Holding» in 2004 and successfully fulfils various projects for reconstruction of electrolytic chrome production, mechanical metal-working, production of new materials and expansion of production of base materials made of chrome, molybdenum, tungsten, nickel, nichrome, aluminium titanium compositions and ceramics for physical deposition technologies (PVD), reinforcing, protective, decorative, light-reflecting, resistive, switching and transparent electrically conductive films and coatings.

The volume of production of high-purity chrome sprayed targets and evaporable cathodes reaches 30% of the global market. The company sells its products in the domestic market, China, Taiwan, Korea and covers all key markets of the world in 30 countries: USA, EEC countries, South America and Southeast Asia. It has representative offices in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Modern analytical equipment, including optical emission and mass spectrometers, Leco system instruments, Jeol JSM-6390 electron microscope, machines for mechanical testing of metals, etc, guarantee excellent quality control of our products. In production of main types of products, Polema uses the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system confirmed by an international certificate.

Address: 300016, Tula, Przhevalskogo street, 3
+7 (4872) 250-670 (106)
+7 (4872) 25-06-68 (524)
+7 (4872) 25-06-84

Alexey Filippov

Managing Director of POLEMA

Born in 1984.

Graduated from the Russian State University majoring in Law and Tula State University with a degree in Machines and Technology for Metal Processing by Pressure.

Started his career in 2003 at JSC POLEMA as a non-ferrous metallurgy product controller in the Technical Control department.

In 2005, he was transferred to the position of inspector foreman of the Technical Control department.

In May 2006, he headed the Technical Control department.

In 2017, Mr.Filippov was appointed Chief Engineer.

From September 2019, he acted as Deputy Managing Director.

In October 2019, Alexey Filippov was appointed Managing Director of JSC POLEMA.

POLEMA increased production output in the first half of 2021 13.08.2021 POLEMA increased production output in the first half of 2021

POLEMA powder metallurgy plant (part of IMH) in the first half of 2021 increased production by 20% compared to the same period last year. The company's revenue exceeded 1 billion roubles.

POLEMA introduced new materials for additive technologies at Formnext 2019 27.11.2019 POLEMA introduced new materials for additive technologies at Formnext 2019

POLEMA, a powder metallurgy plant (part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding), participated in the largest international exhibition and conference on additive and intelligent industrial production Formnext 2019 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany, November 19-22, 2019).

Alexey Philippov has been appointed as managing director 02.10.2019 Alexey Philippov has been appointed as managing director

Industrial Metallurgical Holding, a Russian vertically integrated mining and metallurgical company, announces the appointment of Alexey Filippov as Managing Director of the POLEMA powder metallurgy plant (Tula).

POLEMA has got a silver medal 16.11.2018 POLEMA has got a silver medal

POLEMA, a powder metallurgy plant (city of Tula, part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding) has got a silver medal at the International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo'2018.

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